Fairy Whale Electric Brush for Kids - Pink

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Ultrasonic electric toothbrush from Fairy Whale for kids - color Pink

  • Brush cleans your kids' teeth and gums with an impressive 38,000 strokes per minute.
  • It removes all stains and plaque more efficiently than a regular manual children's toothbrush.
  • Your children will have clean, healthy teeth within 7 days and their overall oral and dental health will improve within 14 days.
  • It includes a 2-minute smart timer with a reminder pause every 30 seconds to help kids get into the dentist-recommended brushing habit.
  • Provides 3 modes of low and high massage. Non-slip with firm handle and ergonomically designed for kids.
  • Mild yet thorough cleaning with less noise and an enhanced brushing experience compared to a regular children's electric toothbrush. The product includes two toothbrush heads.
  • Made of Dupont nylon, with rounded bristles for child safety. The cute toothbrush handle and cover are designed for children, improving children's interest in brushing.
  • Long battery life powered by DC cable, safe and easy, automatic shutdown after full charge, compatible with any USB power source. 
  • The Junior Electric Toothbrush is convenient for home or travel use.