4D Thermo Active Slimming Slim Extreme Serum + Daily Dose Black - Blue

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The ideal burn package is:


Slim Extreme Thermo Active Slimming Serum works to burn fat and works to reduce cellulite immediately and sculpt the body shape in an ideal way

A slimming treatment of 3 steps and is the first effective serum for slimming and cellulite treatment developed in the Eveline Cosmetics laboratory
Controls the size of existing fat cells and prevents the appearance of cellulite on the surface of the skin
It has a protective effect on the skin
Thanks to the technologically advanced Thermo Fat Burner formula, it works to warm the skin accurately, allowing the active ingredients to reach the layers of the skin.
Which guarantees the best results
Fat deposits are gradually reduced and the body regains its good condition and becomes as slim and agile as you desire


Neo-sweat technology Daily Dose heat belt

Helps remove belly fat, sculpt the waist, and get a satisfactory result with exercise, and helps remove flabby belly cellulite and get a flatter abdomen

It can be used well from 60 - 110 kilos
free size

Available in black, blue, black and pink
It only wears two hours of exercise time
Fit for men and women

Belt washing instructions
Hand wash and lukewarm water

Do not use after two months of delivery by caesarean section

And when you are able to practice irrigation