Sterilizer maker in 8 minutes - for travel, home and food

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In order to save you the purchase of sterilizers and disinfectants in 2021, the strongest offer on the home sterilizer maker from anytime And anywhere
50% discount on sterilization products

8-Minute Sterilizer Maker: Just add water from the tap
and table salt to produce 84 antiseptics

(called sodium hypochlorite disinfectant),

Which can quickly and effectively kill Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans, etc.,
With a sterilization rate of up to 99.99%, it can be used anywhere, family, room, school, kindergarten, hotel, hospital, office, restaurant, etc.

Most sterilization products contain chemicals
Of course, we do not know what effect these materials have on us and what harms we have because they are not safe.
The idea of the device is that it saves money for us and for you.. It serves the whole family..

You can use it everywhere and at any time.
Easy to use, with just one touch, where you want to spray.

Product Name: Disinfectant Maker (Portable) Product Weight: 200 grams Product Color: White

Size 272 * 84 * 143 mm
Capacity: 270ml and below control method

Rated Mechanical Voltage: 5 ( V)

Disinfectant Maker (Portable) Rated capacity: 200ml

Operation method: one-click startup

Working time: 8 minutes

Use times: Recycling Applicable power supply: 5V-1A
Work rate: 5W 84

Reusable water softener machine.