4D Double Extreme Lifting & Lifting Serum 200ml

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This serum lifts the breasts and restores firmness, shape and fullness effectively thanks to the new technology used B-Tox inspired by bees.
* Contains acacia collagen, which works to strengthen the skin structure, and the anti-gravity compound, which strengthens the elastic fibers in the chest.
* Visibly reshapes the breast, activates skin cells, and increases the softness and elasticity of the breast.
* Suitable for all skin types.
* Ensures amazing results and tightens breast enlargement without the need for invasive surgery.
* It counteracts the effects of the passage of time, such as sagging and sagging
* It allows for a long time to maintain the beautiful appearance of the chest.
* Non-invasive technology for modeling and firming the chest circumference up to 2.5 cm, confirmed by tests.
* Restores skin firmness - up to 100%
* stimulates breast fat tissue to increase breast size
* Contains hyaluronic acid that precisely moisturizes every millimeter of the skin
Results appear after 4 weeks of regular use
How to use :
Used twice daily on the chest and pectoral muscle. Regular use is recommended to ensure the desired results
the size :
200 ml