D7 pink + black toothbrush package

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d7 very well electric toothbrush, package of two brushes
40,000 movements per minute for perfect cleaning, equivalent to what a regular brush cleans in a week
Removes tartar and whitens teeth in record time within a week
. Ideal for orthodontics, dental implants, sensitive teeth, Hollywood smile, dental fixtures, fillings and veneers
. 5 operating systems for whitening, cleaning, polishing, smoothing, and gum massage
. Timer to stop every 30 seconds to change the position of brushing teeth
. A pause timer every two minutes to complete the brushing process
. 8 spare heads enough for two years
2 travel cases
. Anti-slip design
. against water
. Charging electricity for only 4 hours is enough for 45 days of use
. One year warranty