Okashi Glia Ionic Facial Steamer

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Okashi Galea Hot Steamer - Facial Ionic Steamer for Home Use.. Personal Moisturizing Moisturizing Beauty Skin Care (Rose Gold 110V/120V)

The Okashi Glia Facial Steamer uses extremely fine, nano-sized particles that penetrate the skin and effectively replenish moisture. It also has a PTC function that heats advanced ceramics to evaporate distilled water and produce visibly strong steam instantly.
Nano steam works together with ionic water molecules that are 10 times more effective in penetrating the skin. So just enjoy the ionic facial steamer at home!

How to use OKACHI facial steamer?
*Step 1: Fill purified water on the water tank, please do not add water above the scale line (80ml). Insert and press down to connect the water tank.

*Step 2: Press the switch lightly, it will start working mode, it will release steam about 35 seconds, press the switch again to turn off the steamer. (The LED indicator light will flash when the steamer is in standby mode).

*Step 3: Steam your face with a facial steamer, aim the steam at your face (at least 20cm away from the nozzle)

Step 4: After the steaming process is over, please turn off the steamer, and connect the power.
Kindly note: Do not put the device into water, and clean it with a dry towel only.
12 months warranty