New Hair Developer Plus + Derma Roller Hairspray

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Derma Roller for the skin 540 small and precise needles - 0.50 mm

New Hair Developer Plus hairspray


It is a hair spray that treats all hair problems such as hair loss, voids, dandruff, baldness, alopecia, and hair
The damaged one is repaired, nourished, and restored, and even those who love to take care of their hair will love the long-lasting result.
The hair, increases its shine, moisturizes it, repairs the ends, and works for all types of hair. The same green color, but this
It is characterized by the presence of two elements, and their support is strong on the hair, and everyone has tested their results
Rosemary (Rosemary) prevents premature graying and dandruff and fights dryness of the scalp
Follicles, improves blood circulation, and a strong hair moisturizer
Green tea promotes hair growth and reduces hair loss, nourishes the scalp, and prevents baldness
It contains saw palmetto, which has properties similar to the natural estrogen hormone
body and responsible for the germination of hair follicles
- Contains ginseng herb, which is famous for its effective role in stimulating blood circulation in the body, so it works
To supply hair follicles with blood loaded with food and oxygen necessary for their growth and stopping their loss. It contains pure melon seed oil, which works to combat hair loss and promote its growth.
And protect it from exposure to breakage and damage, and treat it from dryness and fading, because it contains vitamin A
Which maintains the health and luster of hair t
- Contains coconut oil to moisturize the scalp and nourish it with available fatty acids and minerals
- Contains wild honey to purify the scalp thanks to its antibacterial properties, and also contributes
In moisturizing and stimulating hair growth. • Do not use other hair growth products with this product. • An allergy test should be done behind the ear, and if irritation, redness or inflammation appears, no
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