New dermo blackhead remover

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device Diamond diamond From Neodermo to exfoliate skin

Works on me peeling skin With the same Results Clinics cosmetic at a price session one Just.

** From During Class diamond get up remove layers dry Wow From skin as such Works on me smoothing renewal skin

-Works on me unite color skin and removes such -decrease From pores wide and gives freshness

-Improves Absorption skin as products careAnd the creams


‎** device easy the use and cleaning for you you or Which From Individuals your family And at a price Fabulous .. as such Contain on me Monitor LCD Working on me the pattern The robotand manual ..


Use it During Four minutes per week and enjoy result amazingAnd because we keen on me your care We submitted for you luggage Neodermo for you to use during your travel.


Note: The rough peeling head is used once every 7-10 daysPlease pay attention and use it correctly.