Buttock lift pillow

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The wonderful Brazilian buttock lift pillow after buttock injections is designed to distribute body pressure while sitting on the upper thighs only so that sitting does not affect the material injected into the butt. It is easy to carry, light in weight, and fits perfectly in your car seat, office chair, etc., and you can use it at all times and in all places to maintain the results of the fat injection process!

  • This new, doctor-recommended Brazilian pillow supports your thighs, allowing your buttocks to hang freely when sitting without any friction. It prevents pressure on the newly transferred fat and immediately after the butt lift operation, so it preserves the result of the operation and prevents the injected material from moving from its place due to sitting.
  • COMFORTABLE DURABILITY - Fits most chairs making it ideal for travel, work and even going out to dinner. Designed to keep pressure off your butt by supporting your weight only on the upper thighs.
  • High-quality foam made of three layers of medical foam that is not affected by weight and maintains its shape even if you sit for a long time. To provide optimal support and comfort for your body, it never flattens and supports up to (100 kg) to help you recover faster.
  • Designed by healthcare professionals and recommended by plastic surgeons.
  • The outer cover can be removed and washed easily.
  • This product is made in Colombia.