Julai spray for hair and skin oils + skin whitening ampoules 3 ml

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Julie spray for hair and skin oils


Airbrush Julie is a press-on skincare aerosol that supports the wrinkle process, promotes cell renewal, and protects the skin from the sun.
- It breaks down the products into micro particles that are very small compared to the size of the pores, which facilitates penetration into the skin for the best application and a noticeable result.
- Avoid bacterial infection that is transmitted to the skin in case of application using hands or fingers.
- It provides full care like a salon, but at home, due to its ease of use.
- It gives moisturizing to the face without damaging the makeup.
- It has a small and portable design.

- We open the lid from the top
- Then we apply the desired product to be applied to the skin
- Then we press the button to apply with ease
- And when changing the head, we start by pressing the button first and then we exchange it.


Skin whitening ampoules

It reduces the appearance of freckles and age spots and also produces a smoother skin tone. It prevents the formation of skin pigment. It gives your skin an instantly radiant and moisturized look with elasticity.