Portable retinal sprayer

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• Easy to carry. It is lightweight, compact and wireless. Take it wherever you go so you can breathe easy.

Cool mist. The last thing you want is to burn your nose, or worse, your lungs. This mist never gets too hot, it stays cool and refreshing.

• Rapid relief. When you can't breathe, you need something that works in seconds, not minutes. This opens the airway so that oxygen can enter.

Use for any diseases

Crisis. (Get oxygen to your lungs quickly)

• Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. (reduced coughing fits and easier breathing)

• Flu. (Rapid recovery and feel better sooner)

• Colds. (calming your symptoms and clearing your nose)

• Any respiratory condition. (Any time you can't breathe, this helps clear your airways and opens up your lungs)

Quick and easy delivery of medication to your lungs.

Just pour liquid medicine into the cup and breathe. It mixes with the cool mist so you can actually inhale the medicine.