3 in 1 hair dryer

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A multifunctional travel hair dryer set with 3 hair styling attachments for curly smooth hair. Features: - Designed with a high-speed brushless motor that spins 110,000rpm, powerful airflow can dry hair in a short time - Efficient heating system with a power of 1400 watts, which can dry hair quickly to reduce styling time - 3 temperature controls and 3-speed settings to give you more control when styling your hair - The exquisite packaging allows it to be given as a gift to friends, family or anyone else you love 3 Temperature Setting: -Temperature Indicator: green for cool wind, blue for middle-temperature 75℃, red for high temperature 130℃ -Wind speed indicator: green for low speed, blue for middle speed, red for high speed 1 Low: low temperature, for dry hair / fine hair to use in summer 2 Middle: medium temperature 75°C, for semi-dry hair / normal hair to use in spring and fall 3 High: high temperature 130°C, for wet hair / thick and curly hair to use in winter Specifications: - Power: 1400W - Dryer Temperature: cold wind-130℃ - Voltage: 110V/50-60Hz Package Includes: - 1x High-Speed Hairdryer - 2 x Air Hair Curler - 1 x User Manual - 1 x Gift box