(Application) Clara hair dryer - gray + Clara self-made hair dryer - gray

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New developed Clara hair dryer - gray

The device was manufactured using ionic technology inside a ceramic-coated cylinder filled with ceramics With natural argan material to protect hair from heat and damage, to control moisture better, and to give you an attractive final look!
The device is designed to be your styler and hair dryer that has fast performance when you use it to style and dry your hair! This is by selecting the appropriate speed and temperature for your hair.
Salon result in your home:
Great result, in record time and with ease! Clara styler and dryer helps you get shiny, smooth hair and maintains the healthy look of your hair.
Ease of use:
The internal motor of the Clara dryer is light and powerful, so you can use it lightly to get the perfect result!
Safe and smooth:
The cord is made to be smooth to move with the movement of your hand while using the dryer!

Power: 1000 watts
 * Electric current: 220 volts, 50/60 Hz 

Warranty: one year

Gray Self Curler - Clara


- Featuring the device b control thermoplastic Where Provides three grades fit with all Species Poetry

- destinations detour From Both sides  right And the left

- handle opposite to slip

- Wire able to turn around

ـ Property Safety ( Quench automatically distance hour in now non the use )

- to provide cover for protection From the heat



Notes important:

*the current Electrophoresis: 220 volts

*grades the heat: 150 - 180 - 210 Degree percentage

* ٢١٠ Degree for hair The bristle Valsmik 

* ١٨٠ Degree for hair ordinary 

* ١٥٠ Degree for hair The soft one 

Warranty: one year