Ultraviolet sterilization bag - green

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The sterilization bag is the latest version with ultraviolet technology, easy to use, suitable for travel / to the club / to school (to work).
It can be used to sterilize large items such as make-up tools, telephones, used masks, baby products, wallets, phones, keys and even underwear while traveling!
How to work There are two ways:
1- Connect the power source to light the lamp.
2- Put the items that need to be sterilized, press the lighted button and the sterilization process will start.
The device will automatically turn off after 3 minutes of sterilization
The other and better way:
3- Press the light for 3 seconds, the device will be turned off
automatically after 5 minutes of sterilization
4- During ultraviolet radiation, if the magnet stops working. for 5 seconds. The lighting will turn off automatically. When you close the bag again, you will start working again.
Sterilization is 99.9 percent effective in just 5 minutes