Aicheon beauty set for lightening and moisturizing

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Dark Spot Corrector Cream - Aicheon Beauty

After peeling, the new skin will be visibly white, helps heal stretch marks and fade dark spots, made of natural extracts and collagen, mixed with a variety of vitamins that nourish the skin.

Safety materials approved by the Food and Drug Administration, starts with cleansing the skin from the first use. Smoothing and moisturizing the skin.


50 ml 

Face and body soap, apleniacinamide and collagen - Aichun Beauty brand

A product for the face and body for external uses with niacinamide and collagen, cleaning and removing dullness and odor and restoring moisture to the knees, underarms and private parts.

This product is rich in multiple extracts that cleanse the skin andQuickly remove the dull and odor of private parts, moisturize and keep them fresh Soothing with a delightful scent. It has mild and visibly cleansing properties and is suitable for underarms, knees andprivate parts.