Aichon Beauty set for women's personal care (for sensitive areas)

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Aichun Beauty The most effective whitening cream for sensitive area for women

Product: A special skin whitening cream

Applicable skin: suitable for multiple types

Net Weight: 60g

Features: Special natural active substances and anti-aging formula can lighten dark skin, change color, reduce odor, moisturize skin, form new tissue to make intimate area skin smooth, smooth, firm and elastic, give you charm and self-confidence.

Aichun Beauty Deodorant and Intimate Care for Women, Refreshing Intimacy Spray 100 ml

How to use :

Shake well, then remove product cap and spray as needed. Make sure to spray at least 8 inches from Your body. Use it after showering or before bed for best results


Foaming lotion for intimate areas from Aichun Beauty

1.Suitable for women with strange smell, dryness, abnormal blood flow and itching in private parts.

2. The shower gel contains soap and is alkaline, so it is not suitable for personal care. .

Product advantages: 1. Adjust the pH value of the vagina to prevent and prevent discomfort associated with the vagina during childbirth.

2. Delicate, non-irritating foam, rich in botanical cleansing ingredients, can gently clean the private parts.

3. It stops itching and bad smell in the genitals, relieves burning sensation and vaginal pain, and provides the female with vitality and confidence.

4. Do not add soap, pharmaceutical ingredients, bleaches, preservatives and dyes 


1. Rinse the area with warm water first

. 2. After pressing and massaging, apply an appropriate amount of foam to the outside of the vagina.

3. Finally, rinse well with warm water.