Mimi Belly Wing Abdominal Slimming and Tightening Stickers

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All ingredients of the patch come from natural herbs and plant extracts.
The patch will burn fat and reduce your weight
There is no risk of side effects
Free of preservatives and parabens.
5 stickers

Main ingredients:

Sophoricoside helps eliminate fat and cellulite, while improving metabolism.
Capsaicin helps expel fat and cellulite.
Caffeine prevents fat accumulation and breaks down cellulite.
Saliconia extract provides ant irritation and prevents skin dryness.
Infrared anion helps stimulate blood circulation and balance body temperature.

After taking a shower, apply the Mymi Wonder Patch to your stomach before going to bed, and don't leave it on for more than 6-8 hours. It is recommended to use it every two days.