Arm & Hammer Toothpaste High Strength Whitening 170g

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the description

  • purity standard
  • Fluoride anti-cavity toothpaste
  • Fights tooth pigmentation
  • It has a low dental wear factor
  • It neutralizes the acid released by the bacteria that make up dental plaque
  • Tangible results you can feel
  • Baking soda neutralizes acids for healthy teeth & gums.

Your teeth and gums improve in a neutral, non-acidic environment. The proven power of baking soda in all ARM & HAMMER toothpastes effectively neutralizes acids, helping to create the optimal environment for strong teeth and gums.

Uses: Helps prevent tooth decay.

How to use

  • It is forbidden to swallow it.
  • Supervise children as needed until they can use the lotion without your supervision.
  • Rinse off toothpaste residue thoroughly after brushing.