Skin whitening cream with donkey milk extract, instant whitening - 75 ml

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Whitening cream for the body and face with donkey milk extract from Al Attar with vitamin A extract for dry and normal skin, as donkey milk contains a percentage of casein and a higher percentage of whey, which is characterized by antibacterial properties and compounds that prevent the growth of viruses on your soft skin, and also one of the benefits of whitening cream extract milk The donkey works as a powerful moisturizer for the skin by regulating the production of sebum, which are considered glycoproteins and polyunsaturated fatty acids present in the formula, as it works to treat color pigmentation, and also works to combat wrinkles and works to reduce skin irritation. It is very good for maintaining skin moisture, which helps the skin to recover and work. This unique formula helps to repair damaged skin tissues, prevent bacterial infections, protect from sunlight, supply the skin and lighten it quickly in just one day, to get soft and supple skin, and enjoy a charming and whiter look.

It works to supply, lighten and nourish the skin
Treats color pigmentation, rejuvenates the skin, and removes wrinkles

It works to save your skin from bacteria and viruses
Works to soften your skin in a wonderful way
It moisturizes the skin strongly
It keeps skin moisture permanently
It repairs damaged skin tissues
It works to prevent bacterial infections of the skin
Protects your skin from the sun's rays and maintains its freshness

How to use:
Apply an appropriate amount to your skin
Then start massaging your body well until your skin absorbs it