Blackhead remover mask 120ml

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Pore cleaning
Deep cleansing of the skin residue and pores inside the litter, helps the skin to discharge blackheads, horny, acne.
clear boring
Especially the addition of bamboo charcoal essence, can add skin moisture and elasticity, to prevent the deposition of black impurities skin color uniform.
Refreshing moisturizing
Repair the skin inside the water cycle, open the stratum corneum to fill the water, lock the water against the dry skin so that the skin becomes fresh and bright.
Suitable for dry skin, impulsive with oil, skin stagnation and inelasticity, lack of skin, cutin, wrinkle, acne pimple.
how to use:
Wash your face with the cleanser, apply it for 3-5 minutes with a towel so that the pores open.
Evenly applied to the forehead, nose, chin, cheek and other parts (to avoid the eye, eyebrow and lip week).
Wait 15-20 minutes, gently tear it from bottom to top or wash with warm water.
bamboo charcoal, collagen etc
For external use only.