Pink juice alternative juice for slimming

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Bank Juice
Product with double strength without any side effects.

Helps to lose 6 to me 8 kilos per month without following a harsh diet.

1- It turns into a gelatinous substance that works to fill the stomach, giving a sense of satiety from 4 to 6 hours a day.
2- The body gets rid of the gelatinous substance naturally
3- It contains the herb Glucomannan, the Konjac plant that fills the stomach
4- It contains Vitamin-C acid to give freshness and health to the skin
5 - Contains Chromium, a sugar burner
6 - One sachet is mixed in a glass of water, at least 300 ml.
7 - It helps to lose weight clearly and to reach an ideal weight
8 - Helps burn fat.

How to use:
It is used twice a day, half an hour before the main meals

1- Drink the product immediately after mixing it with lukewarm water
2- It is recommended to drink a sufficient amount of water, not less than 2 liters during the day.
3- We recommend that you follow a healthy diet and exercise to get a better result.
1- It is used from the age of 18 and over
2- It is forbidden for pregnant and sick people
3- Keep out of reach of children
4- It is used for diabetics, but in the case of type 1 diabetes or in the case of using insulin needles, a doctor should be consulted.