Electronic lint removal device

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• Powerful Performance: The polished disc mesh cover restores your clothes and fabrics for a new look! In addition, the polished surface protects the fabric from damage, which makes it possible to process delicate clothes. • Economical - no more wasted batteries! We offer local socket for shipping. Unlike some battery-powered lint removal blades that fail to provide powerful power to remove lint and balls, this lint removal machine can be recharged and has 3 strong stainless steel blades. Safely and effectively removes lindermen blouses, blankets, curtains, carpets, and more. • Durable and robust suction: Washable alloy 03 rotating blades are sharp, durable and rust resistant that easily remove fluff and fabric lint. It generates a powerful suction when the blades rotate, which strongly attracts all the unwanted lint into the container. • Safety protection: The lint remover stops automatically when the blade cap is opened or removed. This safety mechanism protects you and your loved ones from accidents. • Ergonomic design: lightweight and compact device, perfect grip, take up little space and easy to use