Magic books for children (Sank Magic)

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Magic books for children (Sank Magic)

Children enjoying learning writing, arithmetic and sensory skills in the age of mobile and video games!!!
 Eh yes possible! With SANK MAGIC books
The set contains:
4 assorted books + magic pen + 5 packs + pen holder for a secure finger hold

Product features
English handwriting notebook. It helps to practice writing skills, enabling readers to understand English handwriting skills through practice and write beautiful English words.

The line provides the child with physical and intellectual capabilities
It is incumbent on parents to immediately start the procedures that lead to putting the child on the right track to correct his writing and improve his handwriting in a world where writing is the first building block for success.

Copybooks help children or adults practice different lines of handwriting and build their own style.

Handwriting disappears automatically after ink dries, great for frequent practice. If you want to learn calligraphy, a copybook is a must.
Perfect for writing cursive letters.
Exercising these qualities well can meet the requirements of daily life, work and study. The paper is thick and not easy to smudge.